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Thursday, January 20, 2011

SLEEP ∞ OVER - Gorgeously Ghostly Vocals from Austin

This band formed in October 2009, and in May of 2010, they released a split 7-inch EP with Light Lodge Records along with band Pure Ecstasy. Their sound is like what "Beach House might sound like if they played in a graveyard" according to Pitchfork. This type of music has been tagged "Witch House". So far , the trio's singles have been receiving favorable reviews from: Pitchfork and The Guardian UK. A full-length LP is expected in the near future, at the moment the band is unsigned.

Band Members:
Christa Palazzolo, Stefanie Franciotti and Sarah Brown

WTF is Witch House?
The term “Witch House” was coined in 2009 by Johnathan Coward of Shams and Travis Egedy of Pictureplane. This electronic music movement typically incorporates elements of hip-hop, dubstep, electro, gothic, shoegaze, ritual ambient, noise, and drone music. This type of music a often has a slow tempo, and a lo-fi aesthetic, meant to evoke a dark, sinister occult moods.


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