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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Black and White Years - Hand-clappin' Indie from Austin

The Black and White Years "To Modern Science" from The Sessions on Vimeo.

The Black and White Years are based in Austin, Texas and are currently with Brando Records. The indie band likes to mix synth rock, upbeat electronics, and a touch of new wave to create their sound. The band's name comes from the black and white years of television, a kind of nostalgic reminder of simpler times. For their self-titled debut in 2008, Jerry Harrison, guitarist and keyboardist from the Talking Heads, helped them produce it. In 2009, the band won “Best New Band”, along with “Best Rock Band”, and “Song of the Year” awards for "Power to Change" at the Austin Music Awards. In November of 2010, the band released their sophomore full-length production called, Patterns.

Scott Butler - vocals, guitars, keys, words
Landon Thompson - guitars, keys, vocals
John Aldridge - bass, brass
Billy Potts - drums


Image Source:!/page_object/page_object_photos/artist_213771?sel_photo_id=472328


Miguelgigante said...

This is good stuff. Reminds me of Bowie and Devo, though there is no mistaking this as 80's music. But the whole science theme of the song....very 80's. I loved it :)

Sandie said...

Thank you for checking this out :)