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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Los Amparito: Latin Freak Folk

Los Amparito - Cuatrociénegas (con Carla Morrison) from carlos pesina on Vimeo.

Huarache-gaze (shoe gaze) or Mariachi-wave is just one of the descriptions that this band receives, along with the title "The Mexican Animal Collective" by bloggers. These four band members are sampling little mariachi bands and 60s pop riffs, then mixing them with synths and operatic choruses. Carlos Pesina leads the group and is well known in the Mexican indie scene as well for having mixed songs for Panda Bear and Animal Collective. The band name was taken from a very well known sandwich sold in the streets of Guadalajara, Los Lonches Amparito. Some of the main influences of this band are Amparo Ochoa (a '60s Mexican folk singer) and Los Xochimilcas (a 60's freaked out comedy rock group).Los Amparito did participate at SXSW music festival in 2010 and were tagged "ONES-TO-WATCH", so let's see what 2011 brings from this artist. 

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