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Friday, October 8, 2010

Lido Pimienta - Tiene algo que decir

Lido Pimienta_Mueve_Video Oficial from Lido Pimienta on Vimeo.

This 23 year-old Colombian singer stunned me with her her 8 song album "Color". The song Mueve focus in the simple pleasures of live, and the inner peace that music gives us. She lives, and goes to school in Canada, where she studies Art Criticism-Curation. When creating the songs she likes to start with the bass, she thinks of the the bass is the core of it all, the heart. Then, everything else falls into place afterwards. 
 "I write about love, about defending one’s freedom, about being a mother, about being poor and wanting to get ahead in life, about being gay and how ridiculous that it is still an issue to many…I talk about my personal struggle which many others can relate to, I sing in spanish, sometimes in english but the language is not really an obstacle, because the songs are intense, soul and heart full, I put all those ingredients together and bake a song that tastes like love. Something like that…" - Lido Pimienta
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